From Chuckle-Worthy Haunting PSAs to Charitable Bromances

 - Nov 10, 2011
People are over using crying, blood and depression to have a message delivered, that's why increasingly organizations are using hilarious campaigns for social good in order to have the highest impact. You can thank the daytime cable television campaigns for numbing hearts to famine in Africa or insane amounts of high packed guts in mainstream media for desensitizing the youth to realistism.

Moreover, organizations recognize the need for an emotional impact, but cultural relevance is winning priority. Take the New Zealand Drunk Driving campaign for example, where the guy imagines his mate as an annoying ghost and the dreadful bore of hanging with this dead friend's family if he were to crash. Getting people to laugh is a surefire way to get a campaign viral as well. Hilarious high impact campaigns are now making the world a better place.