From At-Home 3D Printers to 3D-Printing Cameras

 - Aug 10, 2013
Advances in 3D printing has led to breakthrough 3D printers that bring the technology into the homes of consumers. With the technology constantly improving, many developers have begun creating 3D printing solutions for home use. Gadgets like 3D-printing pens and budget-friendly 3D printers allow consumers to manufacture items at home. Though the technology is not perfect yet, it is getting steadily cheaper. This list contains examples of advanced 3D printers that have been developed over the years.

Though printing in plastic is the norm, some designers have begun experimenting with other mediums. 3D sand-spraying droids and other similar products use different materials to get around the limitations of plastics. The culinary industry has taken this to heart as well with their crazy cuisine printers which print with food instead of plastics or metals.