The Hyrel 3D Printers Let Users Print with Recycled Materials

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: hyrel3d & psfk
As 3D printers become more readily available for consumers, many companies are looking into more environmentally friendly, cheaper and alternative 3D ink options.

While many 3D printers today use plastic-based ink cartridges, Hyrel 3D lets consumers print 3D objects used recycled materials, primarily Play-Doh, plasticine and clay. All three 3D ink options are safe for the environment, cheaper, toxins-free and entirely reusable.

Each material prints from a tube that deposits the Plasticine in a thin cylinder line in the outline of the object's shape. After an object has been printed with Plasticine, users can reuse the Plasticine again in the ink cartridge. With these new ink options, designers can play with more textures and 3D print designs.

With a reduced cost and recyclable ink, 3D printers will most likely drop in price and become more readily available for schools, homes and designers.