11 Best Black Friday Sales, Ads And Innovations Of 2008

 - Nov 28, 2008
Black Friday sales have begun, after what seems like weeks of build up. People have been ravenously scouring the web for Black Friday 2008 ads for several weeks, preparing for what's being considered an opportune moment to fulfill holiday wishes in a recession-plagued economy.

As people line up this morning, some trampling down doors as early as 4 am (many having slept in front of stores) to take advantage of the best Black Friday sales, we're nestled cozily in front of our PCs awaiting Cyber Monday, and reflecting on the barrage of Black Friday innovations we've seen over the last weeks.

Clearly you're not shivering up a storm in front of a store, so whether you're racking up a bill online, or have skipped out on Black Friday sales altogether, reflect with us by checking out the cluster below.