- Apr 1, 2011
Even the burliest of men couldn't help but let out an "aww" or two after clicking through all of these awesome animal portraits. The only thing most people would love more than the actual animals themselves are cute and candid animal pictures like those found in this top list.

Though the best way to see animals may be in the wild, those not lucky enough to live next to a jungle or the pride lands may want to look through these awesome animal portraits as the next-best-thing. Everything from awkward dog blogs (Awkward Family Pet Photos) to serious animal art (Nicolas Evariste's 'Nature) can be seen here. I love me a good black and white photo of a cheetah, but I'm going to have to give my top nod to the Awkward Family Pet Photos for redefining hilarious animal photos.

From Brutal Pet Portraits to Comical Canine Coifs: