15 Art Pieces Inspired By Tableware

 - Feb 14, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
We use tableware several times a day, so it's no wonder that these familiar forms have inspired artists to create innovative pieces of artwork.

From lights that are comprised of plastic picnicware to giant skulls made of kitchen utensils, we have it all here. There are even functional designs inspired by forks, knives and spoons, like the Swiss Knife Couch and the Seniora Fork Chair.

Implications - While consumers are seeking out new products to accompany today's modern lifestyle, items that maintain a sense of familiarity are also sought after. Companies that are able to produce modern products that bear a certain resemblance or quality to traditional products will fare well today's market. Consumers today relish in cutting-edge concepts but they also enjoy the sense of comfort that familiarity can provide.