From Fowl Game Food to Fiery Bricked Birdies

 - Feb 15, 2011   Updated: Jun 1 2011
The immensely popular Angry Birds app has inspired fans to create unique food art, fridge magnets, plush toys and even build their own Angry Birds levels in the backyard!

If you are a big fan of this awesome app, then you will surely appreciate this one-of-a-kind list! From angry avian cases to Angry Birds beanies, there is definitely something on this list you'll love!

Implications - With a plethora of apps available for download, it is no surprise that industries from toys to phone accessories and fashion are creating products that feed off of the growing obsession with these applications. There is a direct relationship between the popularity of a certain app and the amount of app-related items that are produced and subsequently consumed by app-appreciators.