From Rolling Mobile Units to Multifunctional Cooktop-Table Hybrids

 - May 2, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
This cluster of all-in-one kitchens proves that you don't need to have a dedicated kitchen to cook and serve food at home. From flat-pack kitchens to mobile units that can roll from room to room, there are clever small-space kitchen designs in every shape and size.

My favorite innovations among these all-in-one kitchens are the ones that incorporate green technology to make a compact kitchen that's as energy-saving as it is space-saving.

Implications - After all, lets face it people -- there is no better time to find easy to use kitchens than now. The fast-paced lives many people live just seem to scream out for products that allow for simplicity and practicality -- just like this collection different kitchens.