19 Playstation Tweaks, Killers, And Enhancements

 - Sep 28, 2008   Updated: Mar 31 2011
PlayStations and PlayStation Portables are popping up in every aspect of our lifestyle.  Because of itss capability for gaming, video, music, photos, networking, and news reading, it lends itself to all kinds of competitors and third-party developments.

You’ll love the variety and be slightly baffled at how ubiquitous the Sony gadget has become.

Implications - As a major player in the gaming arena, Playstation has set a precedent for innovation. Never satisfied with the status quo, this gaming company continues to reinvent its products, which has naturally helped it to rise above competitors. The lesson? The abilities to adapt, combine, overhaul and invent are a necessary part of any brand hoping to stand out in its industry.