The 2012 American Presidential Election Calls for Thematic Eats

 - Nov 6, 2012
Kick back and enjoy the final footage of the 2012 American presidential election while munching on some of these patriotic snacks.

If you decided to gather a bunch of friends at your place to celebrate (or not celebrate) when the results are revealed, then you're going to need politically themed food choices. Nothing says you're a proud American like the star spangled banner as a tasty vanilla cake. Show how much you admire Democrat leader Barack Obama by making chocolate cookies that resemble his image. If you are a Mitt Romney Republican fan, bake a pizza pie with the American flag made out of cheese and vegetable toppings.

These food recipes will make your 2012 American presidential election party a blast whether Barack Obama wins the polls and becomes president of American for a second term, or Mitt Romney is able to lead the Republicans into office.