The Hop in the Spa Offers Luxurious Water Soaks in Microbrew Ale

By: Misel Saban - Feb 25, 2016
References: surfacedynamix.wix & firstwefeast
The Hop in the Spa offers an unconventional way to provide relaxation and rejuvenation to the body using beer as the primary ingredient to many of its services, including water soaks filled with microbrew ale. The spa offers guest the opportunity to harness the benefits of hops found in beer for cosmetic and revitalization purposes.

Unlike a more traditional spa, The Hop in the Spa focuses on beer as the primary ingredient to many of its treatments. A popular one includes the soak for feet and limbs in ale. The use of the hoppy alcohol provides medicinal properties and benefits to the body as a way to naturally relieve ailments such as chronic pains from injuries or even help relieve insomnia. Users simply soak in the fizzy brew for a recommended amount of time to harness the benefits.