Tweens Offer Free Breast Exams

By: Sandra Winn - Nov 14, 2008
References: theonion & celebritycosmeticsurgery.blogspot
Are you reluctant to give yourself a breast exam?  If so, there are 12 year-old Boy Scouts offering free breast exams to obtain Eagle Scout badges to do it for you.

When I first saw the interview of these two Boy Scouts on 'Today Now,' my initial thoughts, along with a good chuckle, were, "You little perverts.  Fat chance you'll lure young ladies into allowing you examine their breasts to get a badge."

However, it wasn't until after it was finished watching that I realized Onion News is a gag website.  Nor was I aware that Boy Scouts offering free breast exams was a different version of a humorous Breast Awareness Campaign ad from a couple of years ago in which men offer to give breast exams to women.

Though breast cancer is not a laughing matter, the video of 12 year-old Boy Scouts offering free breast exams has been linked to by tons of blogs, which means word of breast cancer awareness is getting around--and that's a good thing.