Risque Rabbit Alphabet
Photos of Risque Rabbit Alphabet (Via: airsideshop, dezeen)

Risque Rabbit Alphabet Photos

‘Alphabunnies’ letter-forming poses are both provocative and imaginative. They are part of a series of 26 (obviously) from a typeface all fashioned from long eared, long legged female cartoon rabbits.…[More]

'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 1'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 2'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 3'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 4'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 5'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 6'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 7'Alphabunnies' Font by Airside 8

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