The ‘Zomboobies’ Movie is About Zombies Who are After Women

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: kickstarter & en.rocketnews24
A team of filmmakers is trying to raise money to create ‘Zomboobies!’, a titillating horror-comedy movie about a horde of undead creatures that hunt after boobs. According to director-producer Mike L. Taylor, the film "combines a love for insane Japanese horror films, with a passion for traditional creature effects, modern visual effects, satire, action and BOOBIES."

The plot of the movie is as follows: while attempting to create a pair of ‘perfect breasts,’ a team of doctors performs an ancient ritual that goes terribly wrong and transforms them into evil, hungry zombies. A small group of ‘well-developed’ heroines attempt to quell the zombies’ evil hunger and prevent them from summoning ‘Boobthulu’ and unleashing ‘Boobmaggedon’ upon the world.

Despite the strong themes of intimacy and violence, ‘Zomboobies!’ is not an adult film but is an R-rated horror comedy like The Hangover and Piranha 3D. While the film is inspired by Japanese horror comedies, it is an American-made project that will be shot in English.

The filmmakers have put together a trailer which includes an insane ‘breast-fight’ sequence, and are looking for additional funds to make the full movie.