Joseph Enterprises Lets People Grow the Undead for Halloween

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: ohgizmo
Decorating the house for Halloween in a fun and different way is made easy thanks to a new line of Zombie Chia Pets. Granted, people will have to devout not only time, but a little tender, love and care to these creepy underworld-lings. Who knew that greenery can be so frightening.

Created by Joseph Enterprises, the Zombie Chia Pets are a far cry from the cute puppies and kittens usually associated with the brand. There is Creepy Holden, a snarling male zombie, and his partner Lifeless Lisa as well as Restless Arm, which is a mangled hand bursting through a mound of 'grass.' Available online at Amazon as well as in store at Home Depot, the Zombie Chia Pets are fun for the whole family.