The YouTube Ad Petition Challenges Excessive Promotions

 - May 18, 2012
References: ihateyoutubeads
Attempting to have YouTube video ads cut down, the YouTube ad Petition seeks to gain media and civilian attention to make a statement to the video-hosting giant. Asking anyone in agreement with their philosophy to Tweet it, like it, or share it across any social media platform you wish, Andy Leek's petition wants to make the ads die down.

With 10 second to 30 second ads eating up time at the beginning of every video you attempt to view on YouTube, many have complained that their time is being wasted. With a personalized letter to YouTube, Leek hopes to persuade them that while they won't lose their viewers, if they were to change their actions they could revert back to being the better alternative to TV. Simply stating that they do not wish for the ads to disappear completely (they've got to make money somehow), the petition clarifies they are just looking for a reduction or a new form of advertising to show some love to their loyal viewership.

If you wish to participate, visit the website and Tweet your complaint to #ihateyoutubeads.