The 'You're Worth More Dead Than Alive' Infographic is Disturbing

The 'You're Worth More Dead Than Alive' infographic is an unsettling look at how much one's internal and external organs would sell for on the black market.

The highly illegal underground organ trade is an extremely lucrative business that has grossed over $6 million US in the last 25 years. As the chart from Medical Transcriptions documents, over 113,100 people sit on the excruciatingly long list for organ transplants. Sadly, 18 people per day pass on while they wait.

Due to this, there has become a viable market for the buying and selling of body parts, with a kidney being worth a whopping $262,000 in the US and a liver ringing in at $157,000 US. While some poachers have made back-end deals with funeral parlors to secure their product, others have been noted to take hostages to get what they need to do business.