The Lydiard Beefeater Grill 'Will You Marry Me' Steak is a New Tactic

The Lydiard Beefeater Grill 'Will You Marry Me' steak is a great way to pop the question in an original manner.

The Lydiard Beefeater Grill Will You Marry Me steak is a slab of meat that comes with an etched heart that asks the iconic question. The catch is that it is a limited edition meal only offered on February 29, 2012 as it falls on the leap year. Specific date aside, this meaty gesture serves as a great inspiration for those looking for a variety of ways to ask for their loved one's hand in marriage. Traditional flowers and bending down on one knee has become a thing of the past, and many individuals are branching out to impress others with grand gestures.