These Yorokobu Magazine Drawings Will Sketch Happiness in Your Day

 - May 31, 2011
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A publication entitled Yorokobu Magazine held a competition where entrants were required to create something related to the word "yorokobu," which translates to "to be happy" in English. The winning entry was the design pictured above, which features a series of pencil-drawn lips with the letters that make up this special word written overtop in lipstick.

The drawings were completed completely by hand. According to Behance, "the only digital work used was in putting together the final composition elements."

This #16 issue of the publication coincides with a significant milestone for Yorokobu Magazine. Its production has recently increased from 5,000 copies to a whopping 30,000 on account of a more widespread viewership. The project was intended to commemorate this expansion.

The sketches featured in the issue are not only original and striking, but really hone in on the special meaning behind the word.