Find Out the Latest in This Spiritual and Meditative Discipline

 - Mar 5, 2012
References: trendreports
Yoga, while being an ancient discipline, has remained a staple in healthy living and athletic-minded individuals. From Hatha or Bikram yoga to the latest accessories and gear ready for the studio, Trend Hunter's Yoga Trend Report tracks developments in this exciting practice that has proven benefits for mind, body and soul.

Our research includes 71 PRO Trends like Universal Yoga and Fitness Furniture, which provide in-depth analysis of the trends that have started emerging in the lifestyle marketplace. Additionally, our report boasts over 640 examples of yoga market research, providing an unprecedented window into a booming business and shedding light on opportunities for your brand.

With a plethora of crowd-generated data, our report is essential for anyone aiming to better understand the consumer's expectations of their yoga experience.