This Yoga Puppies 2011 Calendar Will Have You Saying Namast-Yay!

 - May 19, 2011
References: mymodernmet
The thought of yoga-posing puppies seems a bit far out, at least until you lay your eyes on the Yoga Puppies 2011 Calendar, which is not to be confused with the dog-version of the calendar. This calendar will have your jaw dropping in awe because these puppies are just so unbelievably cute!

Cute may even be an understatement when looking through these perfect puppy pictures! You can find the Yoga Puppies 2011 Calendar on Amazon for under $15, and it will make a great gift for any dog lover in your family. From downward facing dog to tree pose, these puppies are posed to perfection!

The puppies featured in these photographs are from the Animal Defense League, which speaks out against animal abuse and mistreatment. This is one purchase that will have you head over heals in puppy love!