Yin Yang Gel Lyte III Pack Channels Asian Philosophy into the Design

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: hanon-shop & f5torefresh
For Asics' latest sneaker series, the brand has drawn inspiration from Taoist/Asian philosophy with the new Yin Yang Gel Lyte III Pack.

Most would probably expect the Yin Yang Gel Lyte III Pack to actually have the yin yang symbol embedded onto it. However, the design doesn't actually have any graphics, nor does it make any obvious nods to the inspiration. Instead, Asics is using color as a way of portraying the idea of polar opposites. Like the actual symbol, there's a black and white sneaker model to play off the theme of the shoe. It's a very low-key design that depends on the contrast of colors for the design element.

The Yin Yang Gel Lyte III Pack will be available in premium leather.