YankMe Candles Yank Your Chain with Disgusting Scents

 - Jun 13, 2014
References: YankMeCandle & technabob
YankMe Candles are gag versions -- almost literally -- of the popular Yankee Candle Co.'s products. The packaging is very similar, yet more grotesque. The candles boast that they are concealing outlandish scents like Dod Vomit, Urinal Mints, Skid Marks and Old Man's Balls.

The foul smells do emit upon opening, but they do not actually originate from the candles. If they did, the company would undoubtedly have trouble selling the potent products. YankMe cleverly incorporated the advertised scent into a smell-infused disk that sits upon the actual sweet smelling candle.

Once you throw the disk out, you can enjoy the candle's true scent. For example, the Grandma's Farts candle actually smells like Peaches and Cream and the Pete's Feet candle actually smells like Heavenly Holly.