Get the Full Mobile Phone Experience with the Xperia Z Smartphone

 - Jan 8, 2013
References: sonymobile & gearpatrol
Sony has delved back into the mobile phone game with the release of its Xperia Z smartphone.

The phone, which boasts a sleek design and full-screen display, also comes with Android capabilities. Despite its exterior, it also features several high-tech features that any smartphone user would enjoy. It comes with a 13MP rear camera as well as a front-facing shooter and a new Battery Stamina Mode, which means that when the screen goes dark, those apps that tend to suck all of the battery life out of your device are automatically shut off.

Though these features are already incredible, one of the best parts of this phone is that it won't get damaged if it is submerged in water. Thanks to modern technology, the Xperia Z smartphone can be submerged in up to a meter of water for up to a half an hour and still work! For those clumsy folk or those who somehow always end up dropping their phone in the toilet, this is definitely a device for you.