Chloe Sevigny Covers the XOXO Magazine September 2012 Issue

Chloe Sevigny channels her inner Twiggy for the latest cover of Turkish publication XOXO Magazine September 2012 issue. Showing off her edgy new short haircut, Sevigny is dressed to the nines in sophisticated sixties-inspired fall apparel. The actress epitomized that the 1990s, ruling as an edgy fashion icon and the independent art house film scene. However, this editorial shot by Casey Spooner shows that Sevigny is a star in any era.

The editorial truly brings out the swinging sixties emphasized by the behind the scenes video filled with colorful graphics and danceable soundtrack featuring the music from the What Four's 1966 classic, 'I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy.'

Sevigny's ensembles use sleek silhouettes feminized by their vivid hues and tiny details. The XOXO Magazine September 2012 issue has Chloe prove her chameleon-like capabilities.