Xeni Designs Pieces That Flatter Rather than Frustrate

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: xenicollection & facebook
The adaptive fashion industry doesn't often conjure up images of stylish apparel and chic couture but Xeni is changing that with their line of clothing specifically designed for women who use wheelchairs or have difficulty using clasps, buttons and zips.

Using magnets removes the frustration of fiddling with small interlocking pieces and allows dresses and jackets to be on with relative ease and comfort. Xeni's "free seat" design makes it possible for women to put on clothing independently because it doesn't come under the seat.

Recovering from debilitating injuries is a taxing endeavor. Those who have adapted to their environment shouldn't feel as if certain luxuries no longer apply to them. Xeni ensures that a disability is nothing to hide from.

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