The X.Port Olive Collector Improves the Efficiency of Picking

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: & tuvie
At this point in time, it would still be quite difficult for any machine to pluck individual fruits from the branches of grove trees, so pickers will have to continue the process until technology can eventually take over. The X.Port harvester is a clever invention since it can simplify the laborers' activity of collecting olives.

A great range of repetitive motions are necessary for reaping and many of them cause the muscles harm. This hands-free apparatus provides an expansive landing net for olives so that the bitter fruit can be effortlessly dropped. Once enough of a harvest has been amassed in the open fabric, Angel Sánchez Vargas's X.Port can be folded up with a squeeze of the handles to store the crops securely for safe transportation from the orchard.