Green Mop Cleaning

 - Aug 11, 2008
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I had to write this article to let other entrepreneurs know about the exciting possibilities out there in this new 'Green' world. If you are not steering your business around being eco-friendly, or aren't looking to get into this green business juggernaut, you are missing out on a huge pay day and/or a long time, rewarding business experience.

Not only will you reduce your own carbon foot print, but you will attract more customers as more people seek out eco-friendly businesses. By going green, in just over one year, my business went from $7,000 per month to $75,000 per month. I went from 30 customers to well over 300 customers with more climbing on the green wagon every day.

I have even been approached to franchise my concept all over the world. Going green apparently rewards you with more green.

I started an eco-friendly cleaning company and as a result, watched as my revenue grew month after month. It has not only changed my life financially, but it has also positively impacted the health and lives of thousands of others. I went into this business not having a lot of money to invest, but wanting to do something good for the environment while helping others as well. I know cleaning homes and businesses with non-hazardous chemicals can add years to the lives of our customers, their children and pets, our workers and help heal the environment too.

My business, The Green Mop, afforded me the opportunity to move from a cramped apartment, where I also ran the business, to a beautiful new 4,700 square foot home, a brand new SUV Hybrid with cash, and I see no end in sight for the growth and expansion of my eco-friendly green enterprise.

What I did, you can do too by steering your existing or new business in a green direction.

I have seen the proof that if you do right for people, the environment, and yourself by focusing on being good stewards of the earth, the floodgates of green prosperity will open up to you.

So, lesson your foot print, enrich the lives of others, steer your business green and watch your prosperity grow.

- Tony Gallina, President