The WWF Ads Show the Dangerous Effects of Climate Change on Animals

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: & adeevee
With just the peeking heads of a polar bear and giraffe sticking out the top, these warning WWF ads illustrate the dangers of rising temperatures and climate change to animals.

The print climate change ads feature endangered animals like polar bears, giraffes and elephants being slowly engulfed in a rising red blanket that represents the mercury rising with global temperatures. With only the tip of the elephant's trunk making it out of the sea of red, it's clear that the levels we're approaching are far too high.

Scientists have warned of a global temperature "tipping point," setting it at two degrees -- when the atmosphere has warmed too much that it will set off a chain of events of tragic natural phenomena. These French WWF ads, when translated, state that two degrees is too much and encourage people to "act together against climate change."