Wall Coverings You Color

 - Jun 7, 2008
References: rollout
It’s finally time to let your creativity out on the walls like you always wanted to as a child! This writable wall paper has speech bubbles that let you write, philosophize or graffiti your own walls, permitting you to do exactly what most parents prohibit their children to do.

The Words Spoken Quieter Than Actions wallpaper is the brainchild of Chloe Perron and part of the Artist Series Wallpaper at RollOut.ca. Another part of the series is Adopt-A-Monster which features black outlines of cute cartoon creatures on a white background which are meant to be coloured in. What a great way to held children kick their fear of boogie monsters!

RollOut.ca is actually a really neat business concept in itself. They let people submit their own ideas for what they’d like as wallpaper and the company then creates it for them, printing it on paper ready to plaster their rooms with.

Writable wallpaper is such a great concept. It’s a phenomenal way for artists, writers or anyone creative to scribble down ideas and it’s fantastic for kids to rid their urge to draw all over furniture. Even scientists could use it for formulas, and students could use it for study. In all honesty, with the exception of neat freaks who like spotless homes, this wallpaper would appeal to just about anyone.

If I had this wallpaper, I’d write inspirational quotes, sketch new fashion designs and jot all the things that inspire my personal trend hunting!