'Wot Went Wrong' Lets You Find Out Why Things Didn't Work Out

'Wot Went Wrong' is a website that allows anyone to receive feedback on recent their dates and to find out why that second date wasn't immediately scheduled.

After what seems like a good first date, it is very often the case that the other person may not call back, leaving you feeling confused and possibly hurt. With Wot Went Wrong, you can find out exactly why the other person didn’t like you. All you have to do is send them a quick message and if they would like to they can choose from a long list of flaws including "too intense" and "too high maintenance." The purpose of this feedback is to ensure that you avoid making the same mistakes in future romantic endeavors.

While Wot Went Wrong is a good idea in theory, receiving an email on why you were a bad partner may be damaging to one’s self-esteem. Nevertheless, this website is a good option for anyone who is working hard to find love.