World's Largest Windmills to be Made in the USA

 - Aug 9, 2008
Despite the best efforts of the current US administration, the green economy is still taking off. Where the US government failed (and failed miserably) the venture firms saw a great opportunity and so billions of dollars of private equity has been poured into new technologies like solar and wind.

I was awe-struck by these giant wind turbines. At first glance, the object looks like a huge gray whale, and is meant to cut through the air the way a whale's flipper cuts through water, generating enormous amounts of energy at each revolution. This factory is Colorado is set up to manufacture some of the largest turbine blades on the planet. Macro-wind was pioneered in Denmark, where decades of testing showed that large blades have less environmental impact and a better return on investment.

With Obama at the helm, we can be assured that at least a very good portion of the government subsidies for oil and coal, will be diverted to building the green economy, which is the solution for both our environmental and economic crisis. I just heard Van Jones give a moving speech about the bright future that green jobs will give America. Check it out at his website Green For All.

If you want to see an amazing example of wind sculpture, check out this Trend Hunter post.