The World’s Largest Mural Was Created by CitéCréa in B

 - Sep 11, 2013
References: cite-creation & laughingsquid
The world’s largest mural has been created in Berlin and it is stationed on an apartment complex.

This piece of astonishing artwork is massive. It spans the entire complex and it reaches an incredible 36,800 square feet. The mural has been painted on the outside of the buildings, and it incorporates everything that the apartments already had in place.

CitéCréation wanted to keep the piece as realistic as possible, and the design team definitely achieved that feat. It has added trees, windows, bricks and even a couple looking outside. Considering the incredible scale of the piece, it is phenomenal to see how detailed the work is.

The world’s largest mural is a stunning piece of art that would have taken a lot of time to complete, and it is definitely awe-inspiring.