These Unusual Wall Decals Will Bring Out Your Home's Personality

 - Dec 10, 2013
These unusual wall decals will brighten up your home. There are signature pieces that stand out against everything else in the room, wallpaper that adds theme to your room, door designs and more. These inventive designs are a great way for you to showcase your interests, personality and skill.

If you like analog clocks, there are sticker clock designs you can add to your room. If you like wallpapers there are a variety of designs to choose from -- from nature-inspired designs to hot pink skulls. There are cloud-shaped mirrors, textured 3D wallpapers, unique wall hooks, wall-breaking illusory night lights and so much more.

These unusual wall decals are great for your own home design and they'll also make great Christmas presents for your friends and family. They'll definitely make a statement and make your home design different from all others.