How Philadelphia's Phillies Prepare for the World Series

 - Oct 24, 2008
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Professional baseball players are infamous for their superstitions, and at no time is this made more apparent than during the World Series. Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer takes a look at some of the more bizarre culinary rituals of top Phillies players.

For example, Ryan Howard eats a tuna fish sandwich with honey on game day. And Chase Utley and So Taguchi both prefer to prepare for World Series games--as well as every other game during the season--with old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed Joe Swanhart, the Phillies’ team cook, who revealed that the team kitchen contains just about every low-fat food possible. Swanny even got Shane Victorino off of Spam musubi--a local Hawaiian favorite that is basically Spam sushi--well in time for the World Series. Victorino drinks a strawberry smoothie with soy milk in its place.

While time will tell if the Phillies’ eating habits will lead to a first-place finish in the World Series, one thing’s for sure: They’re not taking any risks otherwise.