Allbirds Designs Help Keep Feet Smelling So Fresh and Clean

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: allbirds.workable & fastcompany
Feet sweat, it's just the nature of things; and they sweat even more when put into strenuous action -- enter wool running shoes. It was designed by Tim Brown, who spent his twenties playing for New Zealand's national soccer team. Accustomed to getting covetable athletic wear for free, he was nevertheless always left wanting. He shares, "I got tons of shoes from brands like Nike that were brightly colored, covered in logos, and made of synthetics. But I was always interested in finding a shoe that was simple, beautiful, and made from natural materials."

So he created Allbirds. Producing top of the line wool running shoes, the brand worked in collaboration with" AgResearch, a textile institute, to enginner a new fabric that would be tough but also soft and comfortable enough to wear without socks," writes Fast Company.