Chinn Wang Creates Ravishing Wooden Wall Art Decor Pieces

 - May 20, 2013
References: chinnwang & thejealouscurator
In her wooden wall art decor series, artist Chinn Wang creates impeccably gorgeous plaques that are full of lively symbolism and invigorating colors.

Collections entitled Heraldry, Totem and CW host a range of screen-printed timber pieces that are assembled together to become scenic masterpieces. The artist layers the wooden elements to add dimension and uses clashing and contrasting colors for an in-your-face brightness. Each design holds a multitude of intricate symbols, often animals and floral images, bringing to mind ancient family crests and governmental emblems. Bears, dragons and wolves symbolically guard the crests and the images on them that hold personal as well as sentimental meanings to the artist.

Artist Chinn Wang's wooden wall art decor series is composed of sculptural designs that are very modern versions of a classic tradition.