Sawada Crafted This Wooden Deer Chair Just in Time for Christmas

 - Dec 9, 2013
References: kamina-c & spoon-tamago
Japanese art director Takeshi Sawada has created the perfect children’s gift just in time for Christmas; made of oak, walnut and deerskin, the beautifully and concisely wooden deer chair is a fantastic ode to the adorable woodland creature. This furniture piece is an addition to the already existing animal-inspired children’s furniture that Sawada has created (the Bambi chair, the Sheep chair and the Cow chair).

Because of Sawada’s experience in the industry of apparel, it gave him inspiration and the creative power to come up with extremely original and visually appealing inspirations. After Sawada left the apparel industry, he started exploring furniture design where he applies his creativity, imagination and humor to his constructions. His main goal is to design objects "that appeal to visual sensation".

Takeshi will continue to design objects that appeal to visual sensation.