The MMX Wooden Bow Shoots Marshmallow Treats Instead of Arrows

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: mmxvancouver & dudeiwantthat
The MMX wooden bow is a novelty piece of weaponry that creatively shoots marshmallow treats instead of arrows. The crossbow is specially formatted to launch marshmallows from a hollowed out cylindric track at great speeds as a novelty item for outdoor enthusiasts.

While most crossbows tend to shoot arrows, the MMX Marshmallow Crossbow replaces ammunition with edible snacks. The bow features a wooden Douglas Fir channel called the 'mallow-chute' that propels regular sized marshmallows at the press of a button. The button releases a trigger that ignites the marshmallow down the channel at high speeds. The crossbow provides a great practice device for those wishing to learn more about a crossbow, without beginning with the real device. The MMX Marshmallow Crossbow offers a safer alternative to start with.