THE WOODCHUCK Cases are Made From Locally Sourced Wood

Make electronics one with nature by dressing them up in these wonderful WOODCHUCK cases. The brain-child of three University of Minnesota students, these adhesive timber-inspired cases designed solely for Apple products are a truly unique way to dress devices.

Make your expensive Apple products look more environmental with cases made from 100 percent real wood self-adhesive veneers. With many different categories of wood to choose from -- mahogany, birch and walnut -- individuals can mix and match species of conifers. The special adhesive used on these wooden wonders is non-sticky and can removed without a fuss or a mess.

All the wood employed in making the WOODCHUCK cases is sourced from local lumberyards, keeping the process and production of these cases 100% percent American. Outfit every Apple device you own in these perfectly fitting one-of-a-kind WOODCHUCK cases.