Smashing Wonderbra Ads

 - Aug 11, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
After featuring a few subtle Wonderbra ads, it's time to lose the subtlety with this in your face ad.

Boom, bang, my boobs broke the glass! That is the jest of this Wonderbra ad that turns boobs into a weapon of mass destruction.

Created by Publicis Frankfurt, Germany, the ad is used in outdoor ad shells. I personally think it's a bit much for an outdoor ad where young kids can see it. It would be fine inside a magazine, but not on the streets. I guess German kids are lucky, I know I would have liked it as a kid!

The ad was created with creative directors Nico Jünger, Stefan Leick; art director Hendrik Frey, and photographers Johannes Krzeslack and Marischa Altenheim.

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