This Wireless Communications Hub Can Track Belongings & People

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: ochopad & gizmag
The OCHO Pad is a wireless communications hub that uses infrared technology to identify personal belongings such as phones, wallets and keys and can also mediate communication between occupants of a house.

The system consists of a tray and a bunch of battery-free tags that attach to everyday items and link them to the central hub. The OCHO app controls the system.

The app can be used to alert users to perform particular tasks with a personal belonging. If a forgetful family member forgets to charge their phone at night and wakes up every morning to find that it's dead, the OCHO Pad can be programmed to send them a notification reminding them to charge their phone.

This wireless communications hub could also be useful for people to keep track of their family members. For example, parents can program the OCHO pad to send them a notification when their child puts their tagged keys on the OCHO tray, so they know when their child is home.