This Wine Tasting Guide is a Crash Course on Class

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: & coolhunting
Wine tasting is one of the most refined and classy acts one can do. At the same time though, learning about the various aspects of wine can be difficult for newcomers. This guide uses graphics to simplify the act of wine tasting.

Wine: A Tasting Course should be the good-to reading material for all newcomers to the wine tasting world. The diagrams used are a simple visual way for the uninitiated to learn about all the aspect of both wine tasting and wine serving. Things like pairing, temperature and age will be much simpler when explained using simple pictures and conversational writing.

With this book, there won't be anymore trial by fire at high class events. You'll now be able to walk in with your head held high and a working knowing exactly what a "palate" is.