This Tispy Vase is a Humorous, Yet Elegant Take on Wine Glass Vases

 - Mar 21, 2013
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The elegant curvature of a wine glass lends itself beautifully to the shape of a flower vase, and creative wine glass vases are taken one step further with the Tipsy Vase.

Don't cry over spilled wine as this chalice was designed to lie on its side as though someone carelessly knocked it over, with a bent stem to emphasize the drunkenness that comes with being tipsy. Not actually a glass, the mouth of the cup is sealed off; instead a small hole at the top of this toppled vase holds onto clusters of flowers. Fill the inside with water to keep blossoms hydrated and display them with smashing elegance.

Place these tipsy wine glass vases on the table as they will go extremely well with the other stemware and glassware settings.