Windows 7 Ad Campaigns Stress That it is Easy to Use

 - Jan 7, 2010
References: microsoft
Microsoft has released its new Windows operating system in North America. The ad campaigns for the new system focus on how user-friendly the software is.

After only just recently releasing Windows Vista, Microsoft feels the need to release Windows 7 to match their competitors. Mac commercials have directly challenged the PC products and their commercials are very funny to say the least.

The new operating system Windows 7 has improved security settings and a new administrative option of scheduling the amount of hours other users can operate the PC. Windows 7 ads insist upon how easy it is to use with the new Live Snap bar option you can seamlessly transition from one window to another. Another very cool feature is the Snap. It allows for you to compare to files (like a picture lets say) side by side and drag and drop it wherever you want.