Wikisway Provides a Full Visualization of the CrunchBase Data

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: wikisway & visualnews
Wikisway is a new platform that presents a holistic visualization of the CrunchBase data.

CrunchBase is a business database that stores information regarding hidden investment connections. The statistics include data from thousands of companies, employees, financial organizations, service providers, funding rounds and acquisitions; it is practically a goldmine for all start-ups.

Wikisway visualizes this data in a coherent manner. Individuals can use this platform by sharing their Facebook and soon, LinkedIn accounts and see how people, businesses and events in their networks are all connected on a holistic single page view.

In an era where connections are more of the most important aspect of career paths, such tools that provide a holistic understanding of where one stands in terms of their network is fantastically beneficial.