WiFiBoostGo is a Mighty WiFi Signal Booster for Phones

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: monzgear & indiegogo
No matter how powerful a phone you purchase, weak WiFi reception is always something that will be disruptive—but this WiFi signal booster for phones promises to amplify your smartphone signal range by up to 600%.

Beyond becing able to improve a WiFi connection in a weak spot, WiFiBoostGo is a device that also doubles as a place to charge your phone, store documents on an internal SD card and locate the strongest WiFi signal around with the accompanying WiFiBoostGo app. This compact all-in-one device is an extremely handy thing to have on the go, especially if using a mobile is integral to your daily life, work or business.

After prototyping, WiFiBoostGo is now at the crowdfunding stage on Indiegogo, aiming to raise enough money to get this practical amplifier produced on a large scale.