Wienerschnitzel $.79 Corn Dog Ad Brings on the Brutal Humor

 - May 9, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: wienerschnitzel & adpulp
This golden Wienerschnitzel $.79 corn dog ad features a mixed-generation couple who spend the commercial telling a series of jokes relating to the number 79, and its level of awkward equals a pretty hilarious thirty seconds.

The Wienerschnitzel $.79 corn dog ad features gems like, "I'm seventy-nine, she was born in 79." Awkward age gap couples are always funny, and this commercial is exaggerated enough to make its corny humor work.

Implications - Consumers in modern society are constantly put under new pressures each day. Products that feature humor are attractive to those who want to escape their stressful lifestyles for a second.