Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod Lets You Discover the Magic of the Internet

 - Feb 1, 2010
References: nextnature.net & coolbuzz.org
Designed by Mike Thomson, the Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod locates a prime internet source and shows you where the signal is most strong.

Have you ever seen those divining rods being used when trying to find a water source? Pretty cool, eh? Though it seems more like an ancient form of witchcraft, divining rods, or dowsing rods as they’re often called, are a tried and true method of locating the ideal place to put a well when building a house. However, it would seem like true magic if they were able to locate an internet source. With the Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod, magic has now become reality.

I just can’t wait to see someone with a Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod wave it around in a Starbucks.