The 'Why is Pinterest So Addictive? Infographic' Tells the Truth

The 'Why is Pinterest So Addictive? Infographic' explains why people are hooked on image sharing. Over the course of five months, Pinterest's monthly unique visitors grew over 866 percent from 1.68 million to 16.23 million. As the site continues to explode with popularity, one may begin to wonder why they simply cannot stopping pinning.

One of the reasons Pinterest is so addictive is because of its simple design. The pages are filled with pictures while comments and likes remain hidden. Another reason people can't stop pinning images is because it's easy. All one must do is click pin from their toolbar and instantly that image is uploaded to their page. Finally, unlike Facebook or Twitter, everyone's content is shown on the homepage allowing anyone to stumble upon it.

So why is Pinterest so addictive? It's a simple concept that is visually appealing and easy to use.